Archive: February 2016

When God Says Go & We Say No.

I came dangerously close to saying no.  I had all but heard God calling me to go back to plant the gospel in NJ.  Kayleanne and I wrestled hard with the decision. So many parts of me wanted to say “No.” I had a million reasons stacked up why God couldn’t be calling me to this. […]

Our Liturgy

Each Sunday you walk through those doors from the foyer to the sanctuary (Camelback, the cafeteria into the library; Mesa, those old awkward uncloseable doors; Tempe into the lower room).  For the next 90 minutes we do things like readings, prayers, songs, sermons, announcements, and even a meal.  All those parts make up a Liturgy. […]


Missio Dei Family… I’m excited to announce that we’ll be sending a team to Estonia this summer! Please see the details below. If you are interested please connect with me ASAP!  Location: Tallinn, Estonia Dates: July 21/22 to July 30/Aug 1. Exact dates will be set soon and are dependent on airfare. Leaders: Nick and Danni […]

Fasting For Lent

Why do we take communion every Sunday? Why does it feel like we read the confession thingy every week after the first or second song?  Why do we even have to gather every Sunday?  Why does my missional community eat a meal together every week?  Why do people in Missio seem to intentionally have their […]