Archive: March 2016

The Day Of Darkness

Yesterday many of us fasted, feasted, or walked the Stations of the Cross together.  We sang songs, heard Scripture, prayed, and cried. We each attempted in our own way to enter into the horror of Good Friday. But if you are like me- it’s was done with a little bit of pretending.  I can’t ever […]

Sometimes God Speaks in the Wilderness

A few weeks ago, Chris suggested we take a couple hours to get out into the wilderness and ask God to speak.  I’m not sure if he really expected us to do it or not, but I figured hearing from God wouldn’t be a terrible thing. I got up early and drove to the Superstition […]

My Favorite Gospel Presentation

I love performing weddings. For a night, cynicism seems to be suspended and people enter fully into a moment together with hope and joyful expectation. Those moments are few and far between in our distracted & disillusioned world. Little girls dream of the day when they get to put on that magical white dress that […]