Our Summer Plans

A Season of Sabbath and Sending

May 31, 2016
5 min

Missio Dei Communities has been hard at work over the last year.  We have multiplied from one congregation gathering in Tempe to four congregations gathering in Tempe, Mesa, Camelback, and Peoria.

Over the last year we’ve..

  • served hundreds of meals through IHELP
  • served dinner to every teacher at Thew Elementary
  • served hundreds of meals through Paz de Cristo
  • loved refugees and welcomed new friends from other countries into our homes and lives
  • Given sacrificially such that our giving has helped fund the planting of our congregations as well as Citizens San Francisco, and a yet to exist church in the Eastern Saharan desert.
  • launched new missional communities
  • been a part of seeing marriages restored and relationships repaired.
  • reformed and recommissioned existing MC’s
  • served multiple schools and their faculty / students
  • spent countless hours talking, listening, praying, and serving one another.
  • witnessed God bring multiple people from death to new life in our midst.
  • Seen addictions broken, lives transformed, and hearts melted.
  • We have seen God raise up and send parts of our family across the globe.
  • We have given sacrificially, loved generously, and served relentlessly.
  • We’ve mourned deeply and laughed loudly.

With hard work comes weariness though.  We know that.  We don’t believe that we are burned out as a family, but also know that each of you has increased in intentionality and taken on new responsibilities to see the gospel planted in Mesa, Tempe, Camelback, or Peoria.  There is still much work still to be done, but in July we will take some time to rest, recalibrate, and then be recommissioned to serve the cities God has sovereignly sent us to serve.

There is a rhythm throughout Scripture that Chris and I want to lead our Missio family in.  It’s called Sabbath.  We trust each of you practices a personal Sabbath where your family takes time to reflect, refresh, and then reengage with the work God has you doing.  We think it’s important that our Missio family does the same.  For the month of July we are inviting all of our East Valley congregations to participate in a month long time of Sabbath and then re-sending to be about the work God has called each of us into.  For this month Tempe & Mesa will collaborate on the teaching, kids discipleship, and worship and host a single weekly Missio gathering at Fiesta Fountains at 10am.  Camelback is organizing a month of refocus and hosting their gathering in a home.

Our prayer is that this season of hearing each others’ stories, praying over one another, and being reminded of some core realities about life in God’s kingdom will refresh, reinvigorate, and bless your heart.


We hit it this last week in the 10 commandments.  There are times for hard work and times for rest. It’s how we were created.  Sabbath is not just about not working, it’s about resting, recalibrating, and refreshing, Here’s how we are doing each of those things:

Rest: Our worship leaders, kids discipleship, and preaching will all be done in one location.  This will allow the servants who would normally be equipping in their various congregations to be a part of the gatherings and receive instead of give.

Recalibrate: We will be nourishing our hearts with truths about who God he is through a series on the 4 G’s.  Nothing gives me more rest in my labors than revisiting who God and what he has already done.  We want to recalibrate around this good news as a family.

Refresh:  One of the sacrifices many of you made in order to form a family of missional communities in your city was decreased time with friends who are a part of another congregation.  One of our hopes is that this month allows for some time to hear from, pray over, and laugh with your friends from other cities.


We love each other.  We love gathering all together.  We also know that there is still much work to be done in our cities. So in August we plan to re-engage with the work we have taken responsibility for in our cities. Sometimes we think it would be nice to just rest consistently.  To relax, hang out, and just be around all my friends in the same place.  But then we remember all the people who have yet to see the good news displayed and hear the good news declared.

We think of the meals that need to be prepared, hurting people who need to be loved, strangers who need to be served, and those who will never walk in the doors of a church building need to be exposed to the gospel.  So we go back to work.  At the end of July we will send out each of our MC’s to re-engage with the work God has called them into as a part of efforts in their city to see the gospel planted and disciples raised up.

How Can I Help?

So glad you asked.

Kids:  We will combine our congregations in the discipleship of kids so will need most people to cover one week of kids during the month of July.  Use this as a time to love, pray over, and disciple alongside some of your friends from other congregations.

Music:  If you want to be a part of the collaboration of musicians let Jon or Craig know. If you have been serving with music and would like a break- take it.

Prayer:  We want this to be a season where we are praying over one another with consistency and compassion.  We would love for us to weekly have people available to pray over one another- if you would like to serve in that way, please let me know. If you know someone is weary, please use this season especially to pray for them.  Ask Jesus to set up his kingdom in PHX as it is in heaven!

We love you all and are excited for a season of rest with you, but also expectant of the things that are yet to come as we labor together.