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Get Your Hands Dirty (Love Thy Neighbor)

LOVE THY NEIGHBORS Many Arizonans have been to Rocky Point. We make the four-hour drive and as we enter town we do one of two things: we either turn right and head to Sandy Beach or drive straight and make our way to the other side of the bay to Los Conchas. We spend our […]

In Two Weeks I’ll Be Sitting With Syrian Refugees

Hi! I’m Jessi Gore, a part of the Mesa Family of MCs. I am heading to Mafraq Jordan in three weeks to join a team of 18 people to spend two weeks serving some of the Syrian refugees flooding this country. I went on one of these trips earlier this year and it is an incredible way to love […]

Slow Down

Sometimes you read a line and it changes the way you go about life. I am reading Reconciling All Things by Emmanuel Katongole and Chris Rice.  In their conversation on essential things needed for reconciliation, the authors argue that we need to fight our addiction to speed, the insatiable desire that we seem to have for things to […]

I’m going to Haiti

For those of you who may not know me, my name is Justin Delp, and I have been a part of Missio Dei since the Fall of 2008.  Over much of that time, I have been in a missional community with Erik & Tina Henrikson, including the last five years with my wife, Elisa.  As a […]

When God Says “Son”

Kailey and I have this ritual.  I’ll tell her to go to bed.  She’ll walk over to me and say, “Can you rub my back?”  To which I respond, “Of course!  Go get in bed and I’ll be right in there.”  I go in and rub her back.  Actually, she prefers a light tickle.  We’ll […]