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I asked Jim Mullins for a few resources to follow up this message he gave to the Missio family last Sunday.  Here’s what he sent back: Kevin, Thanks again for inviting me. It was a gift to gather with you guys again. Here are some initial resources. None are perfect, but they have all helped […]

Learning to Pray (is like learning to surf)

The best way to learn to pray is to pray.  There I said it.  I feel like I have good company- when Jesus’ disciples asked how to pray, Jesus didn’t give them a lecture or a link- he gave them a model prayer. Prayer has been likened to many things, but I’m going to compare […]

MC Leader Assessment

Missio Dei is committed to a vision of saturating the valley with missional communities. We are leveraging our resources to see disciples made, matured, and multiplied.  In order to accomplish this vision we are assessing, equipping, and releasing missional communities to do the work of the ministry as the Spirit directs. But how do we […]

Advent 2014 Before Christmas was ever the tale of an adopted elf who finds his way to his estranged dad.  Before it was the story of a family who struggled to throw the perfect family gathering and put in a swimming pool.  Before it was even the story of an overweight man sneaking into houses. […]

I Just Can’t Stop ________ing.

In light of Sunday’s sermon I wanted to repost something I wrote for Great Bay Gospel Fellowship last year… Hope it is beneficial. I just can’t stop__________ing. At least once a week I have a conversation with someone.  It goes like this: “I feel like God wants me to _______ but I just don’t know how […]

Confession & Repentance

Confession & Repentance We live in a culture that wants everything quick and easy.  What is the magic pill that will melt fat while I watch Netflix? What is the shake that allows me to pack on the muscle without ever hitting the gym? Forget sleeping, what can I drink to give me energy to […]