We are seven missional communities sent to serve the West Valley.

Sunday Gathering

at Southwest Indian Ministries
14202 N 73rd Ave, Peoria, AZ 85381

Our Missional Communities

Phoenician Palms. Chris and Bethany Priebe lead a Missional Community sent on God’s mission of restoration to the many refugees and other residents of Phoenician Palms.

Safe Families. Wade and Tanya Myers lead a Missional Community intent on supporting and serving the families and those affected by the foster care system, alongside Christian Family Care’s Safe Families program.

College. Bryan and Erica Lamca lead a Missional Community sent to make and mature disciples in the context of college campuses. We work alongside Young Life at ASU West, student leaders at GCU, and various English learning students at GCC. You do not have to be a student or employee of a college to join us – just have a heart to see young people and faculty come to know the Gospel.

North Peoria. Bobby and Jen Simmers lead a Missional Community sent to make and mature disciples in the neighborhoods of NorthWest Peoria, near Lake Pleasant Road. Additionally, we have committed to loving and serving a refugee family that has become a regular part of our MC gatherings.

Sage Stone. Anthony and Jill Suarez lead a Missional Community seeking to serve, care for, and bring the good news to residents and staff members of Sage Stone apartments.

Copperwood. The Stouffers and Schoonovers co-lead a Missional Community caring for the staff and families at Copperwood Elementary and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Youth. Hunter and Jaclyn Giboney lead a Missional Community helping our middle and senior high students learn to respond to the Gospel and be missionaries in their schools, homes, and communities.

For more information about our gathering or any of our missional communities please don’t hesitate to ask. Wade Myers can be reached at