We are six missional communities sent to serve the city of Tempe and surrounding areas.

Sunday Gathering

4:30PM at University Lutheran Church
(340 E 15th St, Tempe, AZ 85281)


Our Missional Communities

ASU.  Kurtis and Jordan Hayden launched a Missional Community in January that is the answer to 5 years of prayer for a presence at Arizona State.  They and 3 other families are in the midst of a season of researching and discerning the best way to be a family of missionary servants at that great institution.

Foster Care. Chris and Leslie Gonzalez are leading a Missional Community into the terribly broken world of the AZ foster care system.  Already enmeshed in several ways with the system, they are trying to figure out what it looks like to be a family of missionary servants in this system.

Chandler.  Mat and Melissa Wright lead an MC just south of Tempe in Chandler. They play in a softball league together and are actively doing some neighborhood research in Chandler to discover what the needs are in their city.

Paz De Cristo. Kevin and Kayleanne Plat lead our Missional Community that is serving alongside Paz de Cristo to see at risk individuals and families in our city receive services that they need.

“Ama a tu prójimo.”  This phrase means “love your neighbor” and is the motto of our newest, and still forming MC.  Tim and Emily Williams are forming a community who want to se see a  growing love and respect among Arizonans.  Specifically their desire is to see this occur between Spanish-speaking and English-speaking people in Mesa.  Their hope is that their community is a small scale version of the integrated community they hope to see throughout Arizona.

For more information about our church or any of our missional communities please don’t hesitate to ask. E-mail info@missiodeicommunities.com.