House Worship

Here’s why we are engaging a fresh space to make time to slow down, be in scripture, sing some songs, and listen to the spirit together.


It’ all started with our 24 hour prayer. After the 24-hour prayer time, we spent moments as a family speaking words of encouragement, truth, hope and love over one another. Words and truth we HEARD God speaking to us. That’s pretty amazing, right?! Because we stopped long enough to listen. One of the things I heard from Spirit over the next couple of weeks was a consistent reminder that I needed “space to listen”. If I wanted to hear Spirit speak, see Spirit move, be connected to my Missio family through Spirit’s presence...then I….we need to consistently and regularly be people who slow down and take time together to listen. 


House Worship will be a space to listen. Quarterly, we are going to have time as a family to intentionally perk our ears up together and listen close to what God is speaking over our community and our city. This will be a supplement to the regular rhythm of gathering on Sundays, not a replacement or a substitute.

The gathering we do on Sunday’s is done with intentionality – to be together in God’s presence, to remember Jesus, be invited to the table, and to be reoriented in the True Story.

House Worship will also be done with intentionality. We want to make space to listen. To respond. All our Missional Communities are invited together into this space. We will come together and lean in and intentionally orient our hearts together to what the Spirit is doing in and through us. We will sing, read scripture, pray and we will be silent – in hopeful anticipation that we will meet God because we know God is always eager and ready to meet us. 

I hope to see you there!

Brittany Johnson


**Kids who have graduated from 2nd grade are welcome to join us. As parents, check in with these older kids and make sure they are willing and ready to participate in this type of practice.  

The Collective is Joining Missio Mesa

Thanks for visiting for checking out the Collective Church. We have some exciting news we are finally ready to share with you! We are joining up with Missio Dei Mesa to continue seeing the good news of Jesus spread throughout the East Valley. Our leadership, missional communities, and ongoing desire to see people experience the gospel are coming with us, but we are gathering in a new place with a new(er) community.

We have enjoyed sharing life and ministry together as a faith family called the Collective, and are looking forward to this next season of growing together with Missio Dei Mesa to make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus.

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Summer in the Psalms 2019

Summer in the Psalms 2019

The Psalms.
Life is beautiful, yes, but it's also hard. You can't ignore that fact for very long and stay anywhere near emotionally healthy. But what do we do? What do we do with the questions, the frustrations, the guilt, the disappointment, and the incredibly joyful moments we experience? How do we navigate life together as God's people in God's world when it seems like things are broken. Not only things around us, but also things deep inside us. 

We don't have all the answers, but we've seen the Psalms have some of the best guides possible for navigating life according to the gospel. These lyrics served as the songbook of God's people for generations and continue to resound with good news today. They highlight the mighty works of of God, but don't shy from the questions of our souls. They range from anthems of victory to emo-like anguish poems. They should not be overlooked, so we stop here each year to spend some time in these chapters. 

Psalms 40, 63, and 131 are passages that wrestle with real questions for real life. They orient our hearts in worship while still allowing us to feel. Over the next three weeks we will dive into various psalms and linger in the presence of Jesus together there. 

We hope to see you soon.

Missio Dei Mesa

Lent Is Coming

Lent Is Coming

Let is a double journey- a journey together (and alone) toward the mystery of God's redemptive embrace in the death and resurrection of Christ.  At the same time it is a journey into the depths of our humanity. - Don E. Sailers

Each Lent we are asked to embrace a spiritual gravity, a downward movement of soul, a turning from our self-sufficiency and sinfulness.  It is in this quiet turning that we are humbled and made ready to receive from God a fresh and joyous grace. -Bobby Gross

Immigrants And The True Story

Immigrants And The True Story


If you ask 3 people their thoughts on the “crisis at the border,” you are likely to get 4 different emotionally charged opinions. In this moment, the elders of Missio Dei would like to remind our Missio family of our allegiance to King Jesus and citizenship in His Kingdom. We want to say, the gospel is by nature political as it reaches into every dimension of creation; but it is not partisan. Our goal is not to divide but to unify our churches as a family of missionary servants who remember what story we are a part of and encourage each of us to faithfully take up our role in the missio Dei. Therefore, the question we want to wrestle with is: How does the True Story shape our understanding and consideration of the immigrant, asylum seeker, and refugee?