Lent Is Coming

Let is a double journey- a journey together (and alone) toward the mystery of God's redemptive embrace in the death and resurrection of Christ.  At the same time it is a journey into the depths of our humanity. - Don E. Sailers

Each Lent we are asked to embrace a spiritual gravity, a downward movement of soul, a turning from our self-sufficiency and sinfulness.  It is in this quiet turning that we are humbled and made ready to receive from God a fresh and joyous grace. -Bobby Gross

Have you ever driven home and upon returning realized that you definitely left the place you used to be, definitely arrived (safely) home, but have been so preoccupied on the journey that you couldn’t exactly tell what had happened during the ride home.  The series of lefts, rights, stops, and merges blended together as your mind solved one last problem from work, navigated the difficult conversation coming up, or was preoccupied with planning that perfect MC gathering. No? Just me. Well humor me. 

It's easy to get going and forget how we got here. It happens in driving and it happens in discipleship.  Sometimes we go on spiritual cruise control and assume that we’ve got things going basically the right way and lose some of the intentionality that used to be present in forming our love of God, love of our Missio family, and love of our neighbors. Lent is an invitation to take cruise control off, and re-engage with the process of discipleshipship. As a church community there are a few things we will be doing together, but my invitation is for you and your household to also ask:
What does it look like for us to follow Jesus this Lenten season? 

As a congregation we are inviting every member of Missio Mesa to consider a rhythm of fasting (from food, media, OR _____?) for 40 days starting this Wednesday AND to use our time in Luke to see what the Spirit may be saying the next step in following Jesus looks like for them. 

You In?

Here are some resources to help you navigate Lent this year. We didn’t write any of them, but have enjoyed using each of them!

A Prayer for Lent - Pastor Scotty Smith

Lent Guide (free) - The Village Church

Lenten Devotionals (free) - Tim Keller and Redeemer Church

Journey to the Cross - Lent Devotional from Will Walker and Kendall Haug

Additional Lent Resources - Chuck Degroat