Resources that have and are currently shaping our church family.



As we're led by the Holy Spirit, we help one another to: Discover Jesus in the Scriptures, Nurture the truths of the gospel in our hearts, and take Action to obey what Jesus calls us to. In committed groups (three people of the same gender) meet regularly to share what we're learning and how we're growing as followers of Jesus.

For info on how to start/lead a DNA Group: download guide


Kids Telling Parables

We had fun making this video with some of our MD: Kids retelling one of Jesus' parables. It was a great project to help teach them the broader gospel story, while also allowing them to use their creative gifts.

The True Story

From Creation to Restoration: the biblical story told through 6 acts in 10 pages.

The Bible is not just a list of rules to obey, stories to be inspired by, or morals to live your life by. Sure, the Bible contains rules, stories, and morality, but it is so much more than just these things. It is the true story of the world. It is a divine drama. It is a dramatic six-act play.

Contact us for information on our next Story of God experience-an interactive intensive that tells the Biblical story of Genesis to Revelation in a chronological, narrative storytelling format that includes an engaging time of dialogue following each story. This experience is designed to bring friends, food and Story together!

Download The True Story PDF



BLESS Rhythms

This grid helps us intentionally orient the rhythms of our lives around loving and blessing God, our church family, and our cities.

Download the BLESS Grid pdf

wor[k]ship: Work As Worship

This 5 week series was developed for our missional communities to train one another in seeing their faith lived out in their vocation.

Download the WOR[k]SHIP Vocational Field Guide