Need more joy in 2016?

David and I went down to the park to play some Whiffle Ball Home Run Derby.  He kept missing as I lobbed it over the plate.  I noticed him squinting.  We had set up the field so that he was looking directly into the sun.  I moved us over to the shade where David hit a few home runs. But […]

2015 Advent Offering

What are we doing for our Advent offering this year? Great Question.  Each year during Advent we’ve collected funds to specifically bless a group or person. Last year we funded over $10,000 of specific local projects through our Missional Communities.  I was blown away by the creativity and generosity that was shown to help the entire […]

The Doctor Who Farmed

After all this talk yesterday about our identity as Servants in our cities, it got me thinking.  What happens when we Christians don’t fulfill our vocation as Servants in our city? A parable… Dr. Jones was the town doctor in a quaint 18th century New England town.  Whenever someone got sick, the good doctor would […]

In Two Weeks I’ll Be Sitting With Syrian Refugees

Hi! I’m Jessi Gore, a part of the Mesa Family of MCs. I am heading to Mafraq Jordan in three weeks to join a team of 18 people to spend two weeks serving some of the Syrian refugees flooding this country. I went on one of these trips earlier this year and it is an incredible way to love […]

Four Love Killers

C.S. Lewis wrote a book called The Four Loves.  Here are Four Love Killers along with a quote that aims to slay each Love Killer. 1.  You have been hurt before.  You don’t want to open yourself up to that again. “To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be […]