Jesus Story Book Bible Curriculum


During the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020, Missio Dei Tempe will be building a curriculum using the Jesus Storybook Bible. The pre-school classroom will go through the same twelve lessons several times throughout the year. The elementary classroom will be journeying through the entire Jesus Storybook Bible and also a key New Testament book each year.

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08.04.2019 Week One - The Beginning: A Perfect Home (Creation)

08.11.2019 Week Two - The Terrible Lie (Rebellion)

08.18.2019 Week Three - A New Beginning (Noah)

09.08.2019 Week Four - Son of Laughter (Abraham)

09.15.2019 Week Five - God to the Rescue! (Exodus)

09.22.2019 Week Six - The teeny, weeny, true King (David)

09.29.2019 Week Seven - He’s Here! (Birth of Jesus)

10.06.2019 Week Eight - Running Away (Prodigal Son)

10.13.2019 Week Nine - The Sun Stops Shining (Crucifixion)

10.20.2019 Week Ten - God’s Wonderful Surprise (Resurrection)

10.27.2019 Week Eleven - God Sends Help (Church)

11.03.2019 Week Twelve - A Dream of Heaven (Restoration)

11.10.2019 RESTART WEEK 1 Above (12-Week Rotation)


08.04.2019 Week One: Creation Pt. 1

08.11.2019 Week Two: Creation Pt. 2

08.18.2019 Week Three: Creation Pt. 3

09.08.2019 Week Four: Rebellion Pt. 1

09.15.2019 Week Five: Rebellion Pt. 2

09.22.2019 Week Six: Abraham: Son of Laughter

09.29.2019 Week Seven: Abraham: The Present

10.06.2019 Week Eight: The Girl No One Wanted (Leah)

10.13.2019 Week Nine: The Forgiving Prince (Joseph)

10.20.2019 Week Ten: God to the Rescue (Exodus Pt. 1)

10.27.2019 Week Eleven: God Makes a Way (Exodus Pt. 2)

11.03.2019 Week Twelve: Ten Ways to Be Perfect (10 Commandments)

11.10.2019 Week Thirteen: The Teeny Weeny King or Horrible Giant (David)

11.17.2019 Week Fourteen: A Little Servant Girl and Proud General (Naaman)

11.24.2019 Week Fifteen: Daniel and the Scary Sleepover

12.01.2019 Week Sixteen: God’s Messenger (Advent)

12.08.2019 Week Seventeen: He’s Here or Get Ready (Advent)

12.15.2019 Week Eighteen: Light of the World (Advent)

12.22.2019 Week Nineteen: King of All Kings (Advent)

12.29.2019 Meal Week

1.05.2020 Week Twenty:

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