Exodus | God Saves - God Promises - God Sends

This Sunday we begin a new journey through the book of Exodus. Exodus is the second book of the Bible which continues the story of God’s mission in and through His people, first established in the book of Genesis. Exodus means departure, flight, evacuation. Here we see how God rescues and redeems the people of Israel, establishes a covenant with them, and comes to live in their midst, all in fulfillment of His promise made to Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3. Throughout Exodus we will see three major movements take place: redemption, covenant, and tabernacle. These movements must be interpreted in light of God’s missional purpose revealed to Abraham—that of making Abraham into a great nation and blessing all nations through His people.

Exodus shows the role and identity of God's people in the Old Testament story, giving us a basis for understanding the church in the New Testament. In Exodus we will see God first work in Israel so that he can continue His mission through Israel, bringing about the salvation of creation and all nations. The missional nature of the church is rooted in God’s calling of Israel.

Exodus will show us how we can truly understand the nature of the Church and our role as God's missionary servants to the world. As a missional people, we understand that we are God’s people living in God’s way publicly before the eyes of the nations. We are a Christian community—God’s Family—sent to the world and existing not for ourselves but to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to those here, near and far.