Released (A Sermon From Luke 8)

God has done an incredible work in you. Don’t you ever doubt that. But what he has done in you he wants to do through you.

He’s taken the broken pieces of our lives and made something new, his spirit is making things new- and we are sent to announce and embody that good news with daily presence among people who may not even know they need to hear that good news. 

At the moment it is simply something people discover in their experience: what Jesus does, God does. Or, to put it the other way round, if you want to tell people what God has done, tell them what Jesus has done

There is no doubt in my mind. 

What Jesus has done in you he wants to do through you. 

Make no mistake, the wounds which used to make this man an outside are now the scars by which he testified to the saving power of Jesus. 

  • Three times he’s called the man who used to be demonized.

When you start following Jesus he sends you. Yes there’s time to develop, to grow, to deepen, to continue breathing in and out as the Spirit moves.  But even our personal formation is to the ends of gospel saturation.