Slow Down: Forgiveness

 Tim Keller- One of the most basic skills for building a strong and intimate relationship is the ability to forgive. If we are going to have either a romantic relationship or a good friendship, we will need to know how to forgive both the small; daily "rubs" as well as the more significant and major letdowns. 

We are a church that highly values relationships. That means that you will be close enough to hurt each other. Preferences will be ignored, invites overlooked, and hastily spoken words will be spoken. 

When you are hurt, not if you are hurt, when you are hurt you have a choice, like Jesus, you have the choice to forgive and find the freedom it offers you or to allow bitterness to fester and be enslaved to a life of hate, a life of  slow burning anger and even murder in your heart. 

Because Jesus knows this, he teaches many different places about this.  He knows that humans need to learn to forgive because it is not our natural flinch.